Semi-rigid surface courses

Key features

  • Higher load capacity compared to conventional asphalt surfacing
  • High wear-resistance
  • Good freeze/thaw cycle properties
  • Seamless construction
  • Short construction times and rapid entry into service
  • Long service life



Semi-rigid surface courses are ideal for:

  • Hall and trade fair flooring
  • Industrial and logistics areas
  • Public transport areas, e.g. heavily trafficked intersections,
  • Bus traffic areas, refuelling and service stations
  • Sealing surfaces as defined in the Federal Water Act
  • Airport road surfaces


  • Construction of the base consisting of asphalt base courses or binder courses with an asphalt paver
  • Application of a bituminous emulsion as a bonding course
  • Installation of the asphalt shoring with an asphalt paver
  • Application of the liquid cement suspension in the voids of the asphalt shoring
  • If necessary, application of evaporation protection
  • The surface can then be finished depending on the subsequent use, e.g. shot peening to increase initial skid resistance
  • Entrance to the DFH production hall, Simmern
  • Main entrance DHL LGZ, Simmern
  • Receiving hopper environmental system, Morbach

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