Sewer construction


  • Construction of the trenches and pits using the cut-and-cover method and recycling of the resulting soils
  • Shoring of the trenches based on the structural engineering requirements
  • Installation of the pipelines in all dimensions and materials
  • Construction of the associated shaft structures


Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia

Sewer construction usually involves the installation of underground pipelines to remove rainwater, waste water and service water.
Rainwater, waste water and service water need to be dealt with in all buildings, settlements and areas with sealed surfaces. The transportation of waste water requires underground channels that conduct the waste water to the next receiving water body or sewage treatment plant. Generally, open trenches are first constructed, which may be installed on the side of the structure depending on the depth. Pipelines produced from various materials are then installed in the constructed pits. Reinforced concrete, concrete, plastic, fibre composite and cast iron pipelines are used for this purpose.

Regardless of whether you are a municipal or private builder, we can support you with the construction or renovation of your sewerage systems and complete the project for you.

We are a member of the Gütegemeinschaft Kanalbau and hold a seal of quality for sewer construction in group AK 2.

  • Complete coordination of your construction project
  • Flexibility in the construction process
  • Cost-effective implementation
  • Frankfurt Airport, construction of Terminal 3
  • Frankfurt Airport, ramp area
  • B10 Godramstein

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