Noise-optimised and open-pore asphalts

Key features

  • PMA: combines the benefits of mastic asphalt (longevity, durability) with those of open-pore asphalt (noise reduction)
  • OPA: discharges water/rainwater through the asphalt course, reduces spray and aquaplaning, reduces glare at night

Available at the

Argenthal, Zirndorf, Hormersdorf, Eschenau, Weimar, Steudnitz plants

Our range:

  • PMA 5 LA
  • PA 22 T WDA 70/100
  • PA 8 D WDA 50/70
  • LOA 5 D
  • Other types upon request

We offer noise-optimised, open-pore asphalt, which is perfect for urban motorways, near residential areas, around housing developments adjacent to motorways and in tunnels. Our special asphalt is characterised by its excellent absorption of road noise and its homogeneous surface quality. In addition, no bitumen collects on the road surface when installing thomas PMA—so there is no risk of bald spots.


Miranda Czasny

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