Versatile thomas natural stone products

You can use our natural stone products as a construction material as well as an aggregate for the production of additionally processed construction material. The versatility of these natural products is down to their individual stone properties, such as colour, strength, adhesion, polishing resistance and microstructure. We mine quartzite and limestone in our quarries in Argenthal and Dornburg-Camburg. Both are high-quality construction materials with a multitude of uses, including for design purposes.


  • Year-round delivery
  • Timely availability of natural stone products
  • Delivery of small quantities possible

Key features

  • Light colours
  • Extremely weather-resistant quartzite with high PSV value
  • Broad delivery programme/product range
  • Consistently high quality thanks to our QA processes


  • Road, sewer and building construction
  • Surfacing
  • Hydraulic engineering, even in protected drinking water areas
  • Agricultural lime
  • Feed industry
  • Aggregate for concrete, prefabricated parts, sand-lime brick and asphalt industry
  • Horticulture and landscaping
  • Refractory industry (fireclay and mould making)
Schottermaterial und Straßenbaustoff | thomas gruppe
Crushed stone and road construction materials
Naturstein GaLa Bau | thomas asphalt-stein
Products for horticulture and landscaping