Bulk transport


Transport von:

  • Schüttgütern
  • Bodenaushub
  • Bauschutt
  • Fräsgut
  • Asphaltmischgut


Rhineland-Palatinate and bordering North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Saarland

The transport of bulk materials, excavated soil, building rubble, milled material and asphalt mix forms the central element of their service.

  • Certification as a specialist disposal company
  • Thermally insulated trailers and steel skips
  • Convenient transport connections
  • Flexible, customer-oriented scheduling (also for short-term orders)
  • Punctuality and reliability


Miranda Czasny

Sekretariat Geschäftsführung

thomas asphalt-stein GmbH & Co. KG
Im Industriepark 13
55469 Simmern
T +49 (6761) 901 442
E miranda.czasny@thomas-next.de

Fleet manager thomas transporte

Andreas Kasper

Leiter Fuhrpark

thomas transporte GmbH
Im Industriepark 13
55469 Simmern
T +49 (6761) 901 444
E andreas.kasper@thomas-next.de

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