Core-insulated prefabricated walls

Key features

  • Semi-finished reinforced concrete parts in line with DIN EN 14992
  • As an exterior wall with integrated core insulation
  • Rapid construction progress
  • High quality
  • Built-in parts are installed in the plant
  • Smooth surfaces on both sides
  • Monolithic after filling with site-mixed concrete
  • Also possible in RC concrete after consultation
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A core-insulated prefabricated wall consists of two factory-produced prefabricated panels with intermediate core insulation.
The minimum thickness of the prefabricated panels is 7 cm for the exterior panel and 6 cm for the interior panel. The insulation is between 60 and 190 mm thick depending on the
wall construction and the necessary heat transfer coefficient.
Wall thickness, where technically possible, of 30 – 40 cm.

As exterior upper storey and basement walls in residential and commercial construction, for single-family homes and apartment blocks, office buildings, hotels, education institutions, etc.

  • High quality and safety standards and high dimensional accuracy: Core-insulated prefabricated walls are manufactured in the plant and are subject to internal and external certified quality monitoring.
  • Built-in parts ex-factory: A wide range of built-in components, such as electrical outlets, recesses, windows, etc., can be installed in the plant. This saves time at the construction site and the precision in the plant ensures high quality down to the very last detail. The prefabricated panels are joined using the Schöck Isolink joining system.
  • Rapid construction progress saves time and money: Thermal insulation and weather screen are installed at the plant.Core-insulated prefabricated walls are completed at the construction site by backfilling site-mixed concrete. Delivery, laying and installation are quick, precise and straightforward. This ensures faster construction progress.
  • High surface quality: Exposed surfaces in low-porosity concrete with few cracks, post-treatment on-site is possible, suitable for painting and wallpapering after pre-treatment.

Horizontal transport, vertical transport, also in inloaders where available.


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