Asphalt – the right asphalt mix for you, delivered free construction site

Asphalt is the most popular road surface in Europe. There are obviously good reasons for this. Asphalt mix road surfaces are cost-effective, durable and require little maintenance. Environmentally friendly construction and the high road safety are additional reasons to choose the bitumen and aggregate road surface. We produce our asphalts using a number of different recipes in order to satisfy various requirements relating to strength and elasticity. This means that you can choose an asphalt mix for numerous applications in a reliable quality. And the time factor also plays an important role at thomas asphalt-stein. We ensure fast response times as well as rapid offer preparation and processing to ensure that you quickly receive the asphalt that you need. Of course, we deliver the asphalts free construction site


  • Exceptional performance for daily and hourly delivery quantities
  • Timely availability of the material, even in small quantities
  • Short loading times in the mixing plant
  • Simultaneous delivery to several construction sites with different types possible
  • We have our own asphalt lab on site/at the mixing plants
  • Quality assurance from the production stage for fast results
Asphaltierung | thomas asphalt-stein

Key features

  • Consistently high quality thanks to our QA process
  • Good compactability
  • Viscoelastic
  • Seamless road surface
  • Exceptionally durable and tough
  • Very good workability (even in manual installation)


  • Surfaces for roads, pavements, squares
  • Runways at airports, take-off and landing strips
  • Sealing landfills
  • Bunker silos
  • Civil and hydraulic engineering, cycle paths and service roads, agricultural road construction

Range of products and services

  • Delivery of asphalt mix, with thermal containers upon request
  • Asphalt base courses, asphalt surface courses, asphalt binder courses, asphalt combined base and surface courses, free construction site and ex-mixing plant
  • Asphalt mix according to the applicable standards and as requested by the customer

Production and delivery according to applicable standards

  • DIN EN 13108
  • Technical terms of delivery for asphalt used in road construction
  • Additional technical terms of contract and guidelines for the construction of road surfacing from asphalt
  • Technical terms of delivery for asphalt granulate
  • Additional technical terms of contract and guidelines for the fortification of rural roads
Asphalttragschicht | thomas asphalt-stein
Asphalt base courses
Straße mit Asphalttragdeckschicht | thomas gruppe
Asphalt combined base and surface courses
Asphaltbinderschicht | thomas asphalt-stein
Asphalt binder courses
Straße mit Asphaltdeckschicht | thomas gruppe
Asphalt surface courses
Splittmastixasphalt | thomas gruppe
Stone mastic asphalt