Asphalt base courses

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Key features

  • Protects the base (gravel course) from environmental influences, such as rainfall
  • Solid base for adding further asphalt courses
  • Uniform distribution of the road stress as a firm bond with the binder and surface
  • Critical for the load capacity of the entire asphalt structure

Available at the

Argenthal, Zirndorf, Hormersdorf, Eschenau, Weimar, Steudnitz plants

Our delivery programme includes:

  • AC 22 TN 70/100 or 50/70
  • AC 22 TS 50/70
  • AC 32 TN 70/100 or 50/70
  • AC 32 TS 50/70
  • Other types upon request

Asphalt base courses provide a foundation for the following asphalt surface courses and are the linking course between the gravel and asphalt surfaces. Correctly installed and dimensioned, they guarantee the durability of the surfacing. Our asphalt base courses are highly compactable and have outstanding workability. In addition, base courses are suitable for single-course construction at greater course thicknesses.


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