Aggregate for asphalt mixing plants

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Key features

  • Various grain sizes for different applications available for delivery
  • Consistently high quality thanks to our QA processes

Available at the

Argenthal, Steudnitz plants

Our range includes:

  • Delivery of aggregates in line with DIN EN 13043
  • Filler
  • Fine aggregate 0/2
  • Coarse aggregate 2/5, 5/8, 8/11, 11/16, 8/16, 16/22, 22/32

You can use our aggregates for asphalt mixing plants to produce almost every type of asphalt, such as rolled asphalt, mastic asphalt or for special asphalts. We offer two lightweight aggregates for this purpose: quartzite and limestone.

  • Quartzite from Argenthal
    The high PSV values of our quartzite ensure that the asphalt surfaces provide excellent skid resistance. Our quartzite permanently brightens asphalt surfaces without the need for any artificial aggregates.


  • Limestone from Steudnitz
    Our crushed limestone is an ideal aggregate for asphalt base courses. Its good adhesion properties creates a bond between the bitumen and the stone. Besides this important contribution to bonding mixtures, the limestone is also distinguished by its high stiffness in the mixed products. Are you looking for a long-term and reliable supplier of limestone? Then thomas Asphalt/Stone is the partner for you.


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