Mastic asphalt

Key features

  • Excellent flowability
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Very hard-wearing for highly trafficked surfaces
  • Extremely dense, practically moisture- and water-resistant

Available at the

Argenthal plant

Our range of mastic asphalts in line with the applicable standards and regulations as well as based on customer requests:

  • DIN EN 13108
  • Technical terms of delivery for asphalt used in road construction
  • Additional technical terms of contract and guidelines for the construction of road surfacing from asphalt
  • M TA

Our mastic asphalts are the ideal solution for the construction of highly trafficked surfaces. They are comprised of a particularly low-cavity aggregate mix that lets you work the liquid mastic asphalt. This is made possible by the combination of a dense mass of rough and fine aggregates as well as very small aggregates, the filler and road bitumen. To make sure that your asphalt has adequate skid resistance, crushed gravel is rolled in during installation. Our mastic asphalts are durable and extremely hard-wearing, making them ideal for:

  • Road surfaces on motorways
  • Road surfaces on bridges
  • Construction materials for waterproofing buildings
  • Screed in buildings
  • High performance-to-volume ratio
  • Deliveries in combination with rolled asphalt production possible
  • Flexible loading times aligned to the daily schedule possible
  • Delivery of mastic asphalts ex-mixing plant


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