Hydrophobic coating

Key features

  • water repellent
  • transparent
  • factory applied
  • applicable for all types of facades
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Hydrophobic coatings for your exposed and architectural concrete facades complete our range of services. They are a transparent protective screen, so to speak, and ensure the long-lasting radiance of your facades.

Modern surface impregnations are open to diffusion, UV-resistant and weatherproof, and have a long-lasting effect. In addition, they do not change the color of your facade surface. Hydrophobic coatings significantly reduce efflorescence and soiling and increase frost and de-icing salt resistance. Hydrophobic coatings are applied at the factory by spraying and/or rolling.

  • Curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades
  • Load-bearing, single-layer facades
  • Load-bearing, multi-layer facades (sandwich construction with core insulation layer)
  • Exposed and architectural concrete facades retain their value over the long term
  • Production in the factory meets the highest quality standards
  • Delivery of large-format facade elements significantly accelerates the construction process
  • Color, structure and surface finish make your facade unique
  • Transparent surface impregnation protects your investment

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