Special asphalts – according to your requirements

Do you need an asphalt for specific applications? Our special asphalt can be configured for special properties and requirements, so it provides a genuine alternative to standard asphalts. We would be pleased to arrange an individual consultation to find the optimal solution for your construction project.


  • Asphalt surfacing specifically configured for the project requirements
  • Solution-oriented consulting right from the beginning, even for the logistics planning or the coordination of construction site processes

Key features

  • Seamless production
  • High temperature stability
  • High load capacity
  • Low-noise
  • Acid-resistant
  • Can be worked over an extended period of time


  • On highly trafficked areas, such as container terminals
  • In areas with constant heavy-load traffic, such as loading ramps
  • Bus thoroughfares and airport car parks
  • Industrial floors and bunker silos
  • For noise-optimised applications (low-noise asphalt)

Range of products and services

  • Asphalt shoring for semi-rigid surfacing
  • LMA – noise-optimised asphalts
  • OPA – (open-pore) permeable asphalts
  • Acid-resistant asphalts (for bunker silos)
  • Temperature-reduced asphalts

Production and delivery based on applicable standards

  • DIN EN 13108
  • Technical terms of delivery for asphalt used in road construction
  • Additional technical terms of contract and guidelines for the construction of road surfacing from asphalt
  • Technical terms of delivery for asphalt granulate
  • M VV
  • M HD
  • M OPA
  • H AI ABi
  • AP PMA
  • E LA D
Straßenbau mit lärmoptimiertem und offenporigem Asphalt | thomas gruppe
Noise-optimised and open-pore asphalts
Asphalt | thomas gruppe
Asphalt shoring for semi-rigid surfacing