Agricultural lime

Key features

Finely ground lime for the conservation and revitalization liming of soils

  • Unlocks nutrients and boosts the growth of plants and soil organisms
  • Regulates the acidity (pH value) of the soils

Available at the

Steudnitz plant

Our range includes:

  • Calcium magnesium carbonate 78
  • Calcium carbonate 78

Our agricultural lime is ideal for use in agriculture and forestry, for example, when restoring the natural balance in soils. Our Dornburg limestone is used as a raw material for selective mining and the associated further processing. We use this to produce agricultural lime in different grades for various applications.

  • Regulating acidity (pH value)
  • Stimulates the growth of plants and soil organisms
  • Unlocks nutrients


Janine Rieling

Innendienstmitarbeiter (IDM Asphalt / Stein)

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