Uncontaminated construction waste/concrete rubble

Entsorgung und Verwertung von unbelastetem Bauschutt | thomas asphalt-stein

We dispose/recycle …

  • uncontaminated concrete rubble with and without reinforcement
  • uncontaminated mineral construction waste
  • Recycled material can be produced in various grain sizes

Available at the

Argenthal plant

  • Disposal: uncontaminated concrete rubble with and without reinforcement
  • Disposal: uncontaminated mineral construction waste
  • to create: recycled concrete/construction waste in various grain sizes

We take over the professional and environmentally-friendly disposal of your uncontaminated construction waste and concrete rubble. What’s more, thomas is committed to contributing to environmental protection through its recycling activities. We live by the rule: recycling before disposal. Because recycled materials can often be used as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative for a range of applications. We recycle your uncontaminated, used mineral construction materials to produce secondary construction materials, such as recycled materials, and return these to the material cycle as high-quality construction materials. To conserve natural resources, you can deliver your mineral construction waste to Argenthal—we deal with the recycling. Our recycled material from Argenthal is naturally subject to strict environmental compatibility testing.


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