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​Our philosophy? Passion and commitment for a bright future.

Our corporate culture is characterized by honesty and open communication. Because when we work together as equals and everyone contributes their competencies, we succeed in finding the best solutions for our customers. That’s why we at thomas not only set ourselves clear goals, but also define how we want to achieve them together. The knowledge of every single employee counts. That’s why everyone who wants to get involved and take on responsibility is welcome at thomas next.

Managing Director
part of the company since 1995

Our values: the essence of our actions

These values shape everything that we do every single day. To successfully implement projects together with our customers and partners, we also embrace the values of trust, diligence and reliability. We are a group of companies with committed people who work together in a responsible and community-minded manner.

Our passion, commitment and performance sets us apart from others. These values are anchored in our group for the benefit of our customers.


Freedom is extremely important to us, as this lets us make full use of our personal opportunities. Every action is based on an awareness of our responsibility. Freedom also encompasses responsible action. The freedom of the individual is limited by the freedoms of others.


We want to achieve our goals by collaborating with others openly and respectfully. The pursuit of diligence is based on honesty. What you say must be true.


Fairness is a focus when working together on an even footing. Our interaction with others is therefore always fair, tolerant and objective to achieve the best possible results.


By successfully accomplishing what we set out to do with passion and responsibility, we aim to achieve satisfaction. We achieve this through the freedom of action that is given to us and the appreciation that we earn.


To ensure a high level of security, we provide services whose quality is reflected in their reliability and cost-effectiveness. These actions strive to ensure long-term security. Individuals who live these values and implement them with passion and responsibility create security and gain security.

What is important to us

To us, growing together also means listening earnestly to suggestions for improvement made by our employees. We take a close look at all suggestions and revise or adapt structures and workflows where necessary. Because only by openly addressing problems and conflicts and accepting critical feedback can we continue to improve.

This includes the structured tackling of issues, ideas and problems in groups to find solutions. This requires open discussion, passionately representing a position and taking responsibility.

At thomas, everyone is asked to get stuck in. Including the Managing Director.

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Our tool: the company development process

Corporate development processes (UE-processes) are continuously carried out across all divisions and management levels. Our employees and managers can contribute their concerns and ideas in workshops. Together with supervisors and management, solutions can be developed and implemented at eye level.

Over many years, a culture of direct and open communication between employees and supervisors has developed that promotes and encourages growth, development, satisfaction and performance.