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Key features

  • Standard sizes and based on the planner’s individual requirements
  • Rapid construction progress
  • High quality
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Built-in parts are installed in the plant
  • Also possible in RC concrete after consultation
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Solid prefabricated parts such as girders for commercial and industrial construction are an additional structural and load-bearing element for your construction project and are planned, manufactured and delivered ready-to-install in line with your specific requirements.
The edges are bevelled as required and the surfaces are usually smooth. The fill-in sides of our products are scrubbed.

As untensioned reinforced or pre-tensioned solid prefabricated part for hall and industrial construction.

  • High quality and safety standards and high dimensional accuracy: The girders are manufactured in the plant and are subject to internal and external certified quality monitoring.
  • Built-in parts ex-factory: Various built-in parts can be installed in the plant. This saves time at the construction site and the precision in the plant ensures high quality down to the very last detail.
  • Rapid construction progress saves time and money: girders do not require time-consuming formwork. Delivery, laying and installation are quick, precise and straightforward. This ensures faster construction progress.
  • High surface quality: surfaces ready for trowel-finishing reduces the effort required for any on-site post-treatment.

Girders are delivered vertical.



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