Whether as prefabricated ceilings, solid ceilings or TT ceilings—we provide the right product for every construction project. Our production sites throughout Germany mean that you can enjoy short delivery times and shorter construction times as well as lower costs. Together with other prefabricated structural parts, we can supply a perfectly coordinated construction system. We provide you with everything you need from a single source.

Are you looking for planning certainty, high quality and a cost-effective solution? Then thomas prefabricated parts are perfect for you.


  • Single-family homes/apartment blocks
  • Apartment block construction
  • Basements and underground car parks
  • Flat ceilings
  • Balconies and stair landings
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels


  • Design freedom
  • Saves time and provides planning certainty
  • Individual applications
  • Installation of supporting structures in the plant
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Prefabricated ceilings
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Solid ceilings
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TT ceilings (untensioned reinforced)

Installation parts

Electrical components
Reinforcement systems
Connection technology