Asphalt shoring for semi-rigid surfacing

Key features

  • For traffic surfaces with highly dynamic and static loads
  • Combination of asphalt shoring with high void content and a special low-viscous, high-strength mortar
  • Flexible like asphalt and deformation-resistant like concrete

Available at the

Argenthal, Zirndorf, Hormersdorf, Eschenau, Weimar, Steudnitz plants

Our range:

  • ATG 11 M HD

Our asphalt shoring for semi-rigid surfacing has the high load capacity of concrete surfaces and the viscoelastic properties of asphalt. This combination of properties is perfect for your requirements, as the course is extremely hard-wearing, showing practically no wear, and can be seamlessly installed just as flexibly as asphalt. Another benefit is the hollow microstructure.


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